New Calculator app for iPad with Stunning cool skins

We see so many calculators in the app store, but it seems most of them are not very nice, so we thought we might add som class to the subject and we are pretty satisfied with the result.

billed3Appisland Studio, a leading iOS native developer, has announced the launch of a brand new iPad Calculator app that combines aesthetics and functionality to give users an unrivaled arithmetical experience.
According to the description posted on app’s iTunes page, the app features two modes to cater for persons willing to do simple calculations as well as the math gurus who are looking for more advanced and scientific use of the calc. To maintain the aesthetic nature of the Calculator Plus while at the same time ensuring the desired functionality, the app allows for simple calculations in portrait view while extended and scientific calculations are accomplished in landscape view.
billed4The Calculator Plus app also comes with 7 different themes to choose from. Users are therefore assured of a versatile choice of skins. Mr. Thomas Pedersen, the app developer said the many skins will give users a wide choice that will take monotony out of the calculations.
“Calculations can get tedious, and the last thing you need is an app that has uninspiring theme,” he said. “That’s why we have loaded the 7 extra themes for users to choose from.”
The Appisland Studio Calculator Plus App is compatible with iPad tablets running on iOS 5 or later and can be downloaded from the official Appisland Studio iTunes store page.
Although there are several other Calculator Apps available in the iTunes store, the addition of Appisland Studio’s Calculator Plus will surely redefine the way users view the capability of calculator apps available in the store. The app’s memory buttons are for instance able to assist users through the most complicated calculations. The app also supports radians and degrees.