App Island Studio introduces a new iPhone wallpaper app called i-Wallpapers+ that allows users to customize the look of their device using an exclusive selection of specially designed backgrounds, icon skins, app shelves and many other eye candies. The new iPhone app is sold at $0.99 at the iTunes Store

Our biggest Fan app so far have been the Pittsburgh Football Fan app.  It was the first Fan app we did to incorporate complete news, video and image feeds for a single team.

After that We’ve done other Fan apps like:

Oakland Football Fan app and San Diego Football Fan app which also featured Fightsongs from the teams, location map to the HomeFields and ability to take fan photos and share amongst other app users.



We see so many calculators in the app store, but it seems most of them are not very nice, so we thought we might add som class to the subject and we are pretty satisfied with the result of our calculator for iPad.